Pharmacy Discounts
Retail Pharmacy

The neighborhood pharmacy program assures members the lowest price on prescription drugs, saving 10% to 60% on most short-term, acute care prescriptions such as antibiotics and painkillers. Long-term prescriptions may be purchased at the local pharmacy, but for maximum, guaranteed savings, the member is encouraged to use the mail order pharmacy for maintenance drugs.

It's simple to use. The member simply presents the membership card to the pharmacist with the prescription. The pharmacist calculates the discount and the member pays the discounted price. No other forms required.


  • 10% to 60% savings on most short-term and acute care medications
  • Online Drug Price Check Utility ( provides members the ability to find the price of their prescriptions at participating locations in their zip code
  • Over 56,000 participating locations, including independent, national and regional chain pharmacies nationwide

Mail Order Pharmacy

To ensure members save money on their prescription drugs, we created a unique mail order pharmacy program called the Mail Order Prescription Plan.  Since most maintenance medications are purchased in 90 day supply, members maximize savings and have the convenience of home delivery (at no additional charge) through the mail order pharmacy.  Accuracy is assured through a procedure that requires every order to pass nine quality assurance checkpoints before mailing.

This mail order program is superior to other mail order programs now offered in the United States because there are two guarantees built into the pricing structure.  First, we guarantee our prices to be an average of 10% below AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) pricing on all medications.  Additionally, we guarantee the price the member will pay for their maintenance medication will be at least $5.00 lower than any verifiable local pharmacy price on brand name or generic drugs priced at $10.00 or more.  All price quotes are saved for 30 days to guarantee the member is charged the same price they were originally quoted.


  • Prices average 10% below AARP.
  • SAVINGS GUARANTEE:  If the member finds a lower price from a local retail pharmacy, the Mail Order Pharmacy will beat that price by $5.00 on medications priced at $10.00 or more.
  • Convenience of home delivery with no postage or dispensing fees added. This is ideal for anyone taking maintenance medications.
  • You may utilize the SUNRx 45-day mail order option: this was created for those who cannot afford to pay for a 90-day supply at one time.  We have established the same 90-day discount paid and shipped in two 45-day installments.  Personal checks are not accepted using this option.
  • Unlike programs that restrict medications on their “approved” list, the mail order “open formulary” allows a doctor to prescribe the most effective medication to treat a particular ailment or condition.

Pharmacy discounts are Not Insurance, and are Not Intended as a Substitute for Insurance.  The discount is only available at participating pharmacies.