Many different product packages designed for everyday testing, priced from $29.99/month to $169.99/month, 60% off competitors’ retail prices.

Through the VIP Health & Wellness program, members save dramatically over the retail price of their diabetic supplies. Plans include a premier Glucose Meter, control solution, test strips, lancets and lancing device. Supplies are shipped regularly at no additional cost.


  • Many different product packages to choose from based on testing requirements. Product packages are designed for everyday testing.
  • Product packages are priced from $29.99/month to $169.99/month, which is 60% off the average competitors' retail prices.
  • Save an additional 15% off on any single order items including test strips, lancets, lancing device, and more.
  • Toll-free ordering, regular shipments and convenient home delivery on all diabetic supplies.
  • Free shipping on supplies when package option is selected.

Sample Savings Glucose Monitoring Kit #1

Retail  MemberPercent
ProductsCost   Cost   Savings
HDI IQ-1 box    $70.68   $0.00   100%
Test Strips-6 boxes    $252.00 $95.83     62%
Control Solution     $13.65   $9.28     32%
Lancing Device     $19.80   $8.92     55%
Lancets-3 boxes    $31.08 $22.90      26%
Alcohol Pads-3 boxes  $14.94 $12.62     16%

Total   $402.15$149.55    63%

Diabetic Supplies